Daffodils two Wednesday, May 6 2015 


Amazing how the sun angle changes the colors!

Daffodils Monday, May 4 2015 


brrrr Friday, Apr 24 2015 

It snowed!

Still we will get there. A photo from last year, I wish it was a bit sharper, but rather fun nevertheless.


White butterflies Thursday, May 8 2014 

In between the crocus’ bright, almost Mardi Gras, colors and the blazing, neon orange daylilies in July; the fence-line is mostly green.  Except for a week or two, when my few daffodils bloom.  They aren’t the most aggressive daffodils, so I doubt they will be able to hold their own with the daylilies, as the big yellow daffodils do on the bank. It is likely that in order to keep the effect, they will have to be replanted periodically rather than divided.  But they work for the space: pure white, fragrant, only 12-14 inches tall and delicate in form.  Sailboat, the taller of the two, and Pueblo, more fragrant, are the two varieties. I am not inclined, I think, to try for a more solid effect.  The white butterflies in the bright green space is perhaps more interesting.



Experiments with daffodils Wednesday, Apr 30 2014 

As with crocus, I am fascinated by daffodils. I cannot have enough of them. One of my current frustrations is trying to figure out the best way to divide the clumps.  Now, I know, I know, in the fall.  You try finding them without digging things that don’t want to be dug.  Or better yet, try digging in the clay soil after it has baked all summer.

So last year, I tried moving some of them ‘in the green’.  I haven’t killed any that way (a plus) but they didn’t all bloom this year (a negative).  One cluster that I did try this with, however, has bloomed quite well.  This is a relief, because it was a set I lifted and divided because I did not want to lose it. It was an overcrowded, single clump.  To the best of my knowledge, only two other single or double bulbs were on the property. This made me nervous (eggs all in basket syndrome) because it was and is a particularly nice antique example.  An early long trumpet, with thin twisted petals; it is a bicolor with stable color (not changing as it matures) ivory petals and a deep gold trumpet.  Too many modern daffodils, in my opinion, have very heavy, triangular petals and almost a coarse look to them.  Not this one.


Alleluia Sunday, Apr 20 2014 






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