Snow! Thursday, Oct 27 2016 

Nice to have snow tires….

And at least it wasn’t a repeat of the infamous 2011 storm!

Still a bit early and a bit odd, especially after months with no rain, that makes it even odder somehow.

Vegetable commentary Tuesday, Oct 25 2016 

I’m keeping the row of chard going, I hope, with some good row covers. But I’ve decided that the chard leaf is really not the most interesting bit at all. So far, I have successfully used chard stems: solo; in an Italian sausage/olive pasta sauce; roasted with carrots/shiitake mushrooms/potatoes; with chicken and tomatoes; in a pork stew; and with mixed greens.  Think celery but sweeter/nuttier in flavor and with a less determined crunch but plenty of structure.  An excellent vegetable. The stem that is.  The leaf…  Well, I like it, far, far more than kale (which takes virtue a bit far, never mind the bugs) but for leaves, spinach is best. Chard and beets (a cousin) compete but can’t quite win out.

Unfortunately, frost kills it.  We will see what tonight brings. Winter has to come some time!

Delivered Sunday, Oct 23 2016 

One eighteen foot (plus) E.B. White (not Old Town) canoe, wood hull with a new Dacron canvas.  Back up in Vermont from whence it came.  Bit late in the year, but there is always next year!


And now I am moving an archeology project into the barn.  It will be out of there by March, or earlier, I promise! Some funny things going on down there these days!

Waiting Thursday, Oct 20 2016 


Fried Fish Tuesday, Oct 18 2016 

Stop lighting matches people, these guys aren’t any cheaper in Connecticut than they are in California, even if the fires and equipment are midget sized here! (or why a meeting got cut short today, everybody Literally had a fire to go to) But, I will say the color is Gorgeous this year, I’ll have to get around to downloading the camera here…all golds and reds.


This was a practice run earlier in the year. The foresters would love to let the fire burn. Like all forests, Connecticut’s are designed for and need it.  But like many forests, there are too many houses and too many years of fire suppression to make that a good idea.

Dreams Monday, Oct 17 2016 

I spent an entertaining hour this morning contemplating the economics of growing Shiitake mushrooms. (the tennis court would be Ideal)  A friend of a friend thinks we ought to plant Paw Paw trees.* A very good friend wants to transplant some of the struggling Ostrich Ferns (the area next to the drive is simply too dry on average these years) down by the pond.  They make the best fiddleheads it would seem. Though, then I might not get that trip to the deepest backwoods of Maine in the spring…not that we ever have time.

I wonder if Goldenseal or American Ginseng could grow here?

Is there perhaps a new direction somewhere in all these ideas? A century ago it was dairy cows, today New England farming relies on the local, the slightly odd, the high value as a supplement to other income streams.  It is an interesting avenue to contemplate. And one h–l of a cliff.  But then, there is a winery next door and a flower farm across the street….

*I remain unconvinced about a fruit that possums love and that tastes like banana custard….

White and Gold Saturday, Oct 15 2016 


Edge Road Thursday, Oct 13 2016 


Victory! Monday, Oct 10 2016 

It has wheels again! And brakes that work! And a new steering wheel! And it runs!  This was a lot more complicated than it might have been, due to parts issues. And time issues. But it works!  Now to fix the Bush Hog…and then maybe this winter work on the bits in front of the driver….

Then maybe we’ll build a sprayer that will work for herbicides and water (two different tanks) then maybe we’ll get underway….God willing.

I’ll get pictures in a bit, suffice it there was general agreement that the new tires are frankly both fierce and sexy.

For those who haven’t a clue see below:


Before Posts

Anniversaries Saturday, Oct 8 2016 

of a personal nature. It has been a busy year since I took this picture on October 8th, 2015 at just about this time of day:

027 (1024x768)

An awful lot has gone on: canoes rebuilt, tractors being rebuilt, gardens growing (or not growing), finding and loosing people, another year spinning around. A little worn or little lost at times perhaps (like this ring found deep in the woods), but not broken. Fall isn’t about death, it is about that deep breath and the pause that comes before the next chapter.  The world always seems a little clearer in the fall, maybe that is just my quirk. But it is easier to take stock and look forward, even when one is running harder than ever.

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