Summer colors Saturday, Jul 23 2016 

Purple is a good summer color, it stands out nicely from the greens and balances other ‘hot’ colors.  This purple daylily promises to be quite vigorous in the right spot. It is short, but since the colors are such that one wants to get a good look at it, that isn’t a drawback.  I like its shape as well, I’m partial to the ones with more defined petals.

No name, it was picked from a local nursery that just sort of lets them run wild.

007 (1024x768)

Garden Produce Thursday, Jul 21 2016 

Let’s see, the peas are pretty well finished. Not that we ever really figured out which peas got planted where. But they had a decent run. The beans are coming along mightily, probably for another week or two.  The zucchini is zucchini-ying and I need to deal with that.  The yellow squash apparently was a victim of the skunk.  The tomatoes are going to ripen….eventually…. The beets, chard, and kale are all continuing along quite well.  I’ve frozen some parsley and have plenty more, the onions are looking good.  Probably the only slightly off ones are the cucumbers, which are producing but seem to be a bit on the bitter side.

Not bad for a not-garden year.

In lieu of Tuesday, Jul 19 2016 

well anything else except for a self-inflicted rant about green beans….

Your moment of zen*

025 (1024x768)

*though, zen was not first on my mind, even if it was a gorgeous morning.  One of the interns was trying to get seasick…with success….and I was in charge of finding the things that would make the day ‘worth it’

Lily Beetles Sunday, Jul 17 2016 

Every year, I consider giving up on lilies, we haven’t been able to get the lily beetles under control. And what was a carefree flower has become a disgusting headache. I can deal with the voles and chipmunks….but those bugs…..  I just went out and sprayed the lilies that are being eaten with some Neem, we will see if it slows them down a bit. I’m reluctant to use pyrethrin in that garden since I think we may be getting a balance between the predators and the caterpillars and a heavier duty spray might knock that back out again. But, I may have to.

The thing is though, that when we can have lilies, they are worth it.  The colors, shapes, and scent can’t be beaten. They are the mainstay of a summer garden.

I was reminded of this the other day when the few Orienpets that survived both winter, the voles, and the bugs opened.  Leaving aside the lovely ivory and rose colors, the scent is incredible.  The Orientals in a week will be even better.

Nothing is better than late evening, the setting sun in the trees, and those lilies beneath the window.

027 (1024x768)

These guys didn’t make it this year, sadly. I think the voles got them.  But I have a few by the library.

Storm Clouds Thursday, Jul 14 2016 

014 (1024x768)

Green Study Tuesday, Jul 12 2016 

Which isn’t actually green, but it is about green….

009 (1024x768)

Also yellow daylilies and pink Asiatic lilies

Linkbait Saturday, Jul 9 2016 


Flying time Thursday, Jul 7 2016 

I was wandering through the pictures in this blog….I didn’t realize that the daylily border is now four years old, no wonder it needed weeding this spring!

Here it is the first year:


And last year:

004 (1024x768)

This year promises to be similar, although not quite as tall. The early drought stunted their growth some. This photograph from the second year shows them to their full effect:


Shropshire Lad Wednesday, Jul 6 2016 

Prior to this heatwave, it had bloomed very nicely.  I hope it manages a re-bloom in the fall, it may. I deadheaded it to encourage that, even though it tends towards big, red hips. Nicely fragrant as well. Whether it behaves as a true climber or not remains to be seen, but it is certainly a nice addition to the pergola.  Now if I could only figure out why one of the clematis (the biggest, most vigorous one) suddenly went belly up….

002 (768x1024)

July 4th, 1776 Monday, Jul 4 2016

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