Norman Rockwell? Sunday, Aug 13 2017 

We were sitting on our kitchen steps this evening in the sunset light, looking out over the fields and listening — courtesy of a cell’ ‘phone! — to a country village band concert. The enormous contrast between what we read in the news and what we see and live crossed our minds. Yes, there is hatred and violence in the world, and we must all try as best we can to not take any part in it, and to help others to remove themselves from it. And yes, there is sorrow in the world. But… there is also beauty and joy and friendship, and neighbours. We can focus on the one — or on the other. Let us all try to focus on the beauty and joy, and on our loved ones and our friends and our neighbours, this evening and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Bzzzzz… Sunday, Aug 6 2017 


The objective of the exercise was to prune the weigela and some roses and a few other bushes.  This was somewhat interrupted when some of the local fauna took objection.  If you look carefully in the center of the photo, you will see…

A paper wasp nest. Not the largest we have had, but good sized.  Paper wasps are, we are told, a beneficial insect in the garden, as they like to eat caterpillars, beetle larvae, and other sundry critters which munch on the vegetables.    They are said to be relatively non-aggressive (unlike yellow jackets, which are very aggressive!), but they also don’t like to be disturbed.  So… the pruning got put off to another day.

We’ve also had them under porches, which interferes with painting… country life!

Just so no one is confused Saturday, Aug 5 2017 

The original author of the blog here, chiming in. From now on posts will be by another person who is as close to this place as I. The point of this blog has always been the place, not the author, not the names of the people. I hope the new author continues to write and I hope that the many followers continue to enjoy.

My work both in writing and around the farm has shifted substantially and blog posts simply don’t fit in at the moment, for a number of reasons.

Mowing Friday, Aug 4 2017 

is one of those things which most folks possessed of (or by) a lawn have to do from time to time. Most of the time it is a chore of varying pleasure, depending somewhat on what one is using to to do the mowing. Mowing a paddock, however, has some real entertainment value. Swallows and field mice. The swallows are best, and it is just a joy to watch them making high speed passes over the area, sometimes beside one as one goes along, sometimes just in front, sometimes high overhead. They are wonderful graceful aerial acrobats. The fact that they are just after the bugs which the mower kicks up is more or less irrelevant. The field mice are just good humour. They don’t really like being mowed over, of course (though it doesn’t seem to hurt them) and so one sees them from time to time, dashing madly for cover, and one can’t help but at least chuckle.

We might get wet… Wednesday, Aug 2 2017 

We have always enjoyed, perhaps a little perversely, watching thunderstorms come up across the meadow.  Sometimes they produce a real drenching — sometimes they don’t amount to anything at all, and go grumbling away somewhere else.  Wait and see what this one does.


Haying Monday, Jul 31 2017 

There is something very satisfying about haying. Yes, it is hot and dusty work, but at the end of the day, when the hay is cut and picked up and in the barn, one can look back and be content, and know that one has accomplished something.

Of course the technology has changed a bit in the century plus we’ve been haying this field, but the contentment is the same!


And where Saturday, Jul 29 2017 

might I ask did the summer go?  Apologies and all that to those who’ve been wondering — but we’ve been just a bit busy and distracted down on the farm lately.  Sorry… We’ll try to get back to it, but we’re not guaranteeing that we’ll make much sense!

But enjoy the sunset, late in July…

June Sunset Saturday, Jun 3 2017 

21st century problems Thursday, Jun 1 2017 

How precisely is the next generation supposed to fall in love with the natural world if a sufficient number of parents are sufficiently sue-happy and risk-averse to make the various organizations that would be in charge of such matchmaking (land trusts, schools, scouts, etc) so gun shy that organizing a survey of dragonflies (kids with butterfly nets, what’s not to like) is so hemmed in by concerns that almost no location works: parking issues, tick issues, long walk issues, hazardous trees, swampy ground that doesn’t work for inappropriate foot gear, etc….


Iris Wednesday, May 31 2017 

Usually the iris are starting to bloom about now, and we do have some iris blooming here. But, it seems that it is not a good year for them. Not just this garden either, but the other one that I take care of as well. Very few blooms in both of them. And the other one has a garden that is set up specifically for iris, and iris love it, but very few blooms there this year as well (relatively speaking). I sort of wonder if last year’s drought set them back somehow. Like so many plants, last year probably affects this year.

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