Linkbait Wednesday, Feb 22 2017 

But some nice lateral thinking involved between the fields of study!


Landscape Monday, Feb 20 2017 

It never gets old, but is at its most interesting when the weather is interesting. Today, of course it was sunny and forty and I felt I ought to be looking for a crocus. But there are so many interesting shapes in these trees.

Just a week ago:


Cabin Fever Saturday, Feb 18 2017 


Dreaming of the summer. But it is a delightful day out there, lovely white snow which is quietly melting down into the ground.

Still winter Wednesday, Feb 15 2017 

lots of big dream projects out there….

I have the time now or will in about a month (not really what I wanted), so no excuses this year. Paintbrushes, trees, and gardens. Inertia is a major uphill battle, with a long way between the vision and the actual thing accomplished. And good intentions aren’t worth very much.

But there is a field of bittersweet and a hedgerow of dying ash that could be hickory.  If I do something about it. First stop: more Tecnu for the sea of poison ivy and some more tick proof clothing. Second stop: a working bush hog. Third stop: Garlon and Glysophate.* Fourth step: convince my boyfriend that he really does want to cut more trees down and get his friends to remove them** Fifth step: start it all over.

*That is the approved ‘nuclear’ option… but at this point, aside from a few young hickories, there is nothing left down there that isn’t Oriental bittersweet, creeping briar, poison ivy, and goldenrod.

**That isn’t being a wimpy female, I know my limits with a chainsaw.

Winter Beech Sunday, Feb 12 2017 


The Copper Beech’s structure is usually fairly obscure, but the snow was just right to make it stand out quite nicely here.

Winter Friday, Feb 10 2017 

finally showed up with some determination and about a foot of snow. That was nice of it.  Or not nice of it. But all the equipment behaved, I have four wheel drive, and I didn’t exactly mind the day off….not that I did with it what I should have done with it….naturally.

Still a pretty storm, with elegant drifting. But I find I don’t really care for the tension it seems to induce. There is an expectation that weather won’t get in the way of the scheduled programming. But, you know? The weather does get in the way. And I am not sure that it is a bad thing to acknowledge this.

Minor shades on the theme of Canute perhaps.

Colors Tuesday, Feb 7 2017 

Winter is never actually monochrome, whether it is how snow reflects all or none of the colors of light, or the bark on the tree in grays, greens, browns, purples, reds…, or the lichen on a stone or the many shades of green that the conifers can come up with.

Consider this picture:


That is about as monochrome as you can get, but actually the shades of brown are going to drive one bonkers.


Useful tools Sunday, Feb 5 2017 

For those interested in mapping but lacking at home access to handy measuring tools: (you may need Google Earth already applied, not sure)

Sun dogs Friday, Feb 3 2017 

I’ve always liked sun dogs. There was a nice pair briefly today, in one of those lovely complex cloud formation skies, the sort of sky where the light slips in between the grey ice clouds in bands of gold.

As for where the name sun dog comes from? Wikipedia helpfully informs me it is most likely a combination of sun and an old form for ‘dew’ which means our ancestors were as smart as us. But I like the alternative, and equally solidly backed in historical records, argument that it really does refer to dogs, or hounds, or wolves. Either hunting the sun or faithful followers, take your pick.

Mythology is fun!

Dawn Wednesday, Feb 1 2017 

An absolutely lovely February morning today. No wind, mild in the twenties, with breaking clouds. The classic violet, to pink, to gold, and then to white against the clear blue day.  The trees were all perfectly outlined in snow. Not the heavy sort of snow that weighs things down, nor last week’s cold cement like layer. This was the fluffy, slightly sticky powder that picks out every single branch in detail. Very pastoral. The eight deer gamboling (yes really) in the meadow certainly added to the scene.

The wildlife in general seemed to like the weather. Our office raven was quite proud today. He (or she? How does one tell?) often entertains himself on the various vehicles. He has a fondness for the mirrors of course, but particularly for sitting on the toolboxes in the pickups. Not sure why. I am not quite sure what would happen if one left a window or a door open at this point….He seems to understand the difference between windows, mirrors, and doors…In any event, he has now taken to sitting on vehicles even when they are idling next to the building*, it does let one get a good look at him though!

*Only when the mood strikes though, one can go days only hearing him and not seeing him.

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