In between the crocus’ bright, almost Mardi Gras, colors and the blazing, neon orange daylilies in July; the fence-line is mostly green.  Except for a week or two, when my few daffodils bloom.  They aren’t the most aggressive daffodils, so I doubt they will be able to hold their own with the daylilies, as the big yellow daffodils do on the bank. It is likely that in order to keep the effect, they will have to be replanted periodically rather than divided.  But they work for the space: pure white, fragrant, only 12-14 inches tall and delicate in form.  Sailboat, the taller of the two, and Pueblo, more fragrant, are the two varieties. I am not inclined, I think, to try for a more solid effect.  The white butterflies in the bright green space is perhaps more interesting.