As with crocus, I am fascinated by daffodils. I cannot have enough of them. One of my current frustrations is trying to figure out the best way to divide the clumps.  Now, I know, I know, in the fall.  You try finding them without digging things that don’t want to be dug.  Or better yet, try digging in the clay soil after it has baked all summer.

So last year, I tried moving some of them ‘in the green’.  I haven’t killed any that way (a plus) but they didn’t all bloom this year (a negative).  One cluster that I did try this with, however, has bloomed quite well.  This is a relief, because it was a set I lifted and divided because I did not want to lose it. It was an overcrowded, single clump.  To the best of my knowledge, only two other single or double bulbs were on the property. This made me nervous (eggs all in basket syndrome) because it was and is a particularly nice antique example.  An early long trumpet, with thin twisted petals; it is a bicolor with stable color (not changing as it matures) ivory petals and a deep gold trumpet.  Too many modern daffodils, in my opinion, have very heavy, triangular petals and almost a coarse look to them.  Not this one.