The old redbud Wednesday, May 3 2017 

Each year we think will be its last. I think it will survive at this point until there is a catastrophic structural failure. Strategic supports and dedicated pruning of all dead or really weak wood have so far staved off the inevitable.

The death of an ash Tuesday, Mar 7 2017 

Mostly dead since a lightning strike several years ago (on top of an older strike that caused all the rot you can see above) the bit of rain, on top of all the wind, was just a little too much for it. Thud.

Landscape Monday, Feb 20 2017 

It never gets old, but is at its most interesting when the weather is interesting. Today, of course it was sunny and forty and I felt I ought to be looking for a crocus. But there are so many interesting shapes in these trees.

Just a week ago:


Obligatory shots Monday, Jan 2 2017 

Christmas tree, vertical perspective:


Birches Saturday, Dec 24 2016 



The Little Cottage Saturday, Dec 17 2016 


From the archives Monday, Nov 28 2016 


Some five years ago, the great 2011 snowstorm. It certainly makes for a spectacular image though!

Advent already!?

Witch Hazel Woods Thursday, Nov 10 2016 


Canton Land Trust, Breezy Hill Farm Property.

Birch woods, fall Friday, Nov 4 2016 


With witch hazel.  and laurel and red maple and oak….alright, Connecticut woods, fall!

Waiting Thursday, Oct 20 2016 


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