Victory! Monday, Oct 10 2016 

It has wheels again! And brakes that work! And a new steering wheel! And it runs!  This was a lot more complicated than it might have been, due to parts issues. And time issues. But it works!  Now to fix the Bush Hog…and then maybe this winter work on the bits in front of the driver….

Then maybe we’ll build a sprayer that will work for herbicides and water (two different tanks) then maybe we’ll get underway….God willing.

I’ll get pictures in a bit, suffice it there was general agreement that the new tires are frankly both fierce and sexy.

For those who haven’t a clue see below:

Underway Saturday, Aug 27 2016 

But not going anywhere for the moment. The rear axle is disassembled completely now, pulled out and off to a machine shop to get the brakes taken apart, a process which either requires a hydraulic press or a fair amount of dry ice….the latter, while sounding rather interesting, was vetoed as a bit too dubious. I figure as long as we get it put back together by November, we will be good to get the mowing done that needs doing this year.  Of course, I rather suspect that we will promptly take the front end apart….

009 (1024x768)

Boats in Basements Monday, Oct 26 2015 

A current project in the house: (not one that I am involved in, more of a very interested onlooker!)

maybe a Chestnut Company Canoe out of New Brunswick, pre-1910. That seems at least probable given the stems. Now stripped of its fiberglass, it is very, very light! It had been sitting in the barn for the last half century, but the moment struck for new life. It certainly is pretty (not that the pictures here show it well) The hope is to get it back to usable condition by next summer.

It hasn’t had the easiest life, aside from the fiberglass (applied in the 1950’s), it has been dropped badly at least once. But most of the wood is solid.

015 (1024x768)

019 (1024x768)

Aren’t we glad Wednesday, Aug 13 2014 

that this project is done! It has been raining, hard. August is either bone-dry* or exceedingly soggy. This year is soggy.

This was taken when they had done the northern (left) three quarters.




*for New England.


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