Poppies! Friday, Jun 12 2015 

036 (1024x768)

034 (1024x768)

and iris, and salvia, and just in the background the Tulip tree doing its thing, which wasn’t very obvious this year: too hot I think.

Poppies: ‘Beauty of Livermore’

Iris: ‘Breakers’ (blue) and unknown yellow

Salvia: ‘Mainacht’

Experimenting Again Monday, Jun 1 2015 

Fiddling with file sizes here, is this acceptable to my one or two loyal readers?

026 (800x600)

Further comparison:

016 Large

016 (2) (600x800) Small

Purple Iris Friday, May 16 2014 

A difficult color to work with as it can look too dark and funereal, additionally, the plants are short, no more than 8 inches, so they can look a little odd in the wrong spot; but the structural effects of the leaves are fun! The purple, silver, green with sharp edges has a definite impact in the right spot…now if we could Just Find that spot!


Photo of the Day Wednesday, Apr 23 2014 

Iris in the flagpole garden last year.  I hope I don’t bother it with my reorganization this year.  I shouldn’t, the iris (blue) and the Oriental poppies (true red) are in the center, I’m fiddling with both long edges of the arc.





Iris Thursday, Mar 20 2014 


Your random photo of the day, standard Siberian Iris and an unnamed gold German Bearded Iris, it also looks like there was a set of unopened buds of a bronze German Bearded Iris in front.

A Classic garden Friday, Jan 31 2014 


Clematis ‘Henryi’ and ‘Nelly Moser’; unknown old single red peony, mixed columbine, unknown old yellow and blue iris. Purple Heuchera, variegated Asian grass, woodbine (Virginia Creeper).  The Little (summer) kitchen south of the house.

Iris Friday, Mar 8 2013 


Straight wild Siberian iris to be precise.

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