One ladybug, two ladybug, three ladybug, four Tuesday, Oct 14 2014 

(hundred or thousand or….)

The perils of autumn include ladybug swarms. This year they are in two spots: the south wall and the northwest corner.  It is the northwest corner which is most disconcerting, because they have gotten inside and seem to have an affinity for the library ceiling. Ladybug tea is unfortunate.

Thankfully, they aren’t too interested in the southwest corner of that section of the house, which is nice because ladybugs in bed are even more unfortunate.

It is not limited to this house, I was somewhat comforted by observing the inevitable swarms in the church tonight, which is down in the valley.  There, they seemed to be enjoying the northeast corner. I can’t imagine the numbers in the steeple!

Where’s My Leaf! Monday, Aug 19 2013 


Haven’t a clue as to his identity, but the curled ‘tail’ is decidedly cute, even if his head is exceedingly, indeed unfortunately ugly.



We always have these little white and black furry caterpillars on the porch, no clue with their identity either.  If anyone knows of a good Caterpillar ID guide, I’d love the reference.

Camouflage! Saturday, May 11 2013 

This little guy has been camped out in this tulip for several days, even through yesterday’s rain. I am not sure what he is going to do about the fact that the tulip in question is steadily turning pink…can spiders change colour?

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