Your photo for the day Friday, Apr 18 2014 

Well two, actually. The old horse and the new crocus fence line.  This was taken seven days ago, the crocus are essentially gone now and the field is bright green.

(p.s., I’m running Opera as a browser, if this page loads oddly or slowly tell me, I don’t know how well it is playing with photos yet)



Feed Me! Tuesday, Apr 1 2014 

Quit it with the camera….

Just for the sake of it, I hit this while hunting for a different photo: one hungry horse.  The barn in the background is the old dairy barn. And yes, he is leaning on an electric fence.  It often isn’t on, and he tends to know when it is or isn’t since it tends to short out on just about everything.  He has no desire to go anywhere, except back to the barn.


Mud Season Sunday, Jan 12 2014 

We should be having snow….not 55 F, several inches of rain, and partially frozen ground.  The end result is MUD. The end result of that is a certain furry member of the family taking full advantage of the MUD.

He should look like this:


He enjoys this:


Same horse…actually he was much worse looking today, the mud was about an inch thick.



Moment of Zen Sunday, Aug 4 2013 


Enjoying Summer Saturday, Jun 8 2013 

Robin enjoying the summer. (He is currently dripping wet as I write this, tropical depressions and all that). Not bad looking for a 28 year old thoroughbred though!


In the cast of current characters Tuesday, Nov 13 2012 

For those wondering about the distant speck of the horse in the photograph of the field, it is this guy: Rob n Run, ex-racehorse, ex-three day eventer, long since retired to hang out.  He is coming up on 28 this winter, but doesn’t always look it.  These photos were taken during a practice photo-shoot; he hadn’t had his bridle on in about five years, I sort of figured I’d better check his behaviour ahead of time, before the person who wanted to photograph him came!  As always, just as well behaved as you would expect from a thoroughbred who senses something different happening.  That is, polite but about to explode.

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