Mid-Atlantic Harbor Scene Saturday, Apr 26 2014 

August, 1909

From the archives, just for the fun of it.


Mystery Man Tuesday, Feb 4 2014 

For family members, I’d love some help with the ID of this distinguished looking chap.  It is not George Creevey.  The girl is Eileen Creevey (Hall), so the date is 1916-1920 ish. (update, almost certainly 1916)  The location is somewhere around here.

For everyone else, any guesses on the car or rifle would be nice!


It is an oddly fascinating photo, I find at least.

Fixing a door 1915 Wednesday, Nov 27 2013 

I do know the door is Happy Thought’s east door, I don’t know who the person is.  I do like the knee socks and pork pie hat though.  This is Not, by the way, how one is supposed to fix a door.  It would appear he is shaving off the bottom of the door rather than rehanging it.  Which, come to think of it, accounts for the gap….

(No idea why the door looks like it came off a funhouse, the negative may have had an odd curl?


Garden Flowers circa 1925 Tuesday, Jul 30 2013 


I haven’t happily identified the woman yet, someone connected with Bradford Ellsworth, possibly his first wife Juliet Inness?

Nice dress….

I do know the picture was taken in the big garden, and those are probably classic New England/New York asters.  Clearly, the plant breeders have been had at work making them smaller.

The photo by the way is actually a scanned negative, aren’t computers wonderful?

Esperanza on July 4th, 1913 Thursday, Jul 4 2013 


A parade by the various children visiting the house at the time. This was followed by a reading of the Declaration of Independence, and a short bit on it and the Constitution’s importance by William Webster Ellsworth.
I could probably, by process of elimination, figure out most of those children, but if any of the Amistad group reads this…I’d love a hand, since it is possible that they were here that summer?

Nothing like that here today. But still, give those documents a read if you have a chance.

Untold Stories Tuesday, Jun 25 2013 

Sometimes one hits a set of photographs and would dearly like to know more, such is the case with these two from summer 1909.

Image one: a group of children who appear to be determined to sink a canoe. The children are mostly unidentified, the location is somewhere in Long Island Sound. I think that one of the women in white is Lucy Morris Creevey.


Image two: a rowboat has appeared, manned by George Creevey (complete with ever present pipe and tie), the man in the water is probably Perry, all-round deckhand on the Mavourneen. The children appear to be being scolded, the canoe is nowhere in sight. However, it is clear the photo is taken only shortly after the other one, judging by the positions of the people on the diving platform (complete with slide, can you imagine the splinters!?)


And then what? And what is Perry standing on???

Mavourneen Friday, May 24 2013 

Figure I ought to put a few photographs of Mavourneen up. These are from 1908.



Wooden hulled, powered with a somewhat cantankerous gasoline engine. She had a fairly spacious cabin and galley kitchen.

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