Go ahead, take my picture Wednesday, Jul 15 2015 

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I’ll keep right on eating.

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Daylilies, Shasta Daisies, Wild Thyme down the driveway, and the American Chestnut just past bloom.

Classic Connecticut July Friday, Jul 10 2015 


The hay is being cut as I write this.

Can’t I eat these, Mom? Thursday, Jul 17 2014 

Yes daylilies are edible, yes Deer-off works with horses too!


Orange Tide Thursday, Jul 18 2013 


The daylilies along the fence, nearly all big orange doubles. It is a bit hard to believe that all of those came out of one very crowded 20′ by 5′ foot strip, now part of the vegetable garden, two years ago. The strip they are now is about 130 feet long and 4 feet wide.

(in other news, still too hot. But the guys got close to a 1000 bales of hay off the field, or over 100 bales on acre. which is rather impressive)

Hah! Identified! Monday, Mar 11 2013 

We have here, in quantity, a certain daylily.  We have always referred to it as the ‘Double-ditch’ for obvious reasons and assumed that it was an unnamed oddity.  Well, what should I find in a gardening catalog today? (Old House Gardens; www.oldhousegardens.com)

H. fluva ‘Kwanso’ circa 1860 

Here it is at Esperanza



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