Water’s edge Saturday, Apr 16 2016 

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Ambitious animals, those beavers! This dam, with its classic serpentine shape, ranges from two to five feet in height and is about sixty feet long.  It is actually part of a complex of ponds, there is another higher pond (different stream) just off to the right.  While chewing on several good oak trees (annoying), the beaver also seems willing to use barberry that has gotten to the inch plus in diameter size in his construction.  Or possibly as a food source.  This is rather nice of him.

Sky Caught Water Thursday, Apr 14 2016 

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Connecticut Swamp Wednesday, Feb 17 2016 

with Scots pine, which usually doesn’t care for the region.

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(horizonitis partially caused because I was perched on a beaver dam of dubious quality)

Broken Storm Saturday, Feb 6 2016 

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The fence line is a little distracting.  But I like the mullein, asters, goldenrod, and blueberry bush.  Something to be said for not getting around to cleaning up in the fall!  The plants don’t seem to mind anyway.

And, yes that really was the color of the sky.  Robin’s egg blue. I’ve noticed that late winter/early spring storms often seem to break that way: a very hard trailing edge to the front.  Maybe others do as well, but that seems to be when it is most noticeable.

January Sunset Saturday, Jan 30 2016 

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Lost Giant Sunday, Jan 24 2016 

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Shades of a painting Friday, Jan 15 2016 

I recall by a Canadian painter done in the mid twentieth century of a snag up on Lake Superior. Not quite framed right, but I wasn’t there to do artistic photography.

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Forest Edge Monday, Jan 4 2016 

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I hadn’t really noticed the colours in this photo when I was taking it, to focused on documenting the stream course for the land trust.

(I wish those were healthier hemlocks, but one can’t have everything.)

Satan’s Kingdom Friday, Dec 11 2015 

Sometime, when I have more time, I will walk this trail (I know exactly where it goes). Preferably on a relatively ‘unpleasant’ day so as to reduce the number of people making like corks in the river below.  Winter is good.  Perhaps a bit treacherous given the rocks and water.  I have never seen so much liverwort in one spot in New England: just up around the curve was a cliff where the sun never hits and a convenient spring way up at the top is a constant source of water. Impressive. Easily a hundred plus square feet and so old that it was spongy to the touch.

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Rocks, Folded.

Forgotten Road Thursday, Nov 19 2015 

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