Waiting Thursday, Oct 20 2016 


Edge Road Thursday, Oct 13 2016 


Ghost Towns Tuesday, Sep 20 2016 

Ours are a little hard to find around here….

I am looking right at a church though, honest!


Only this was built downstream for flood control:


Storm Clouds Thursday, Jul 14 2016 

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Flying time Thursday, Jul 7 2016 

I was wandering through the pictures in this blog….I didn’t realize that the daylily border is now four years old, no wonder it needed weeding this spring!

Here it is the first year:


And last year:

004 (1024x768)

This year promises to be similar, although not quite as tall. The early drought stunted their growth some. This photograph from the second year shows them to their full effect:


Walls Thursday, Jun 30 2016 

052 (768x1024)

Wind Shadows Friday, Jun 10 2016 

074 (768x1024)

Spiral to the sky Wednesday, Jun 1 2016 

014 (1024x768)

Looking up is always a good idea!

Changes Thursday, May 19 2016 

Pretty much the same view….just about sixty years apart! Use the Ginkgo for reference, the angle is not quite the same, but close enough to give the sense of it.  There is a reason no one sees the place anymore from the road, at least not in summer.



Landscape Sunday, May 8 2016 

This was taken last year, but I still like it for the composition. It is the apple tree that makes it work particularly well.  This year the apple has a few blossoms, but not many.  I can’t say I am surprised that it is taking the year off! The crabapples are blooming, but rain for a whole week followed by wind has not left much in the way of a full flower show.  So it goes.

014 (1024x768)

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