Hostas are sometimes over-used, sometimes abused, sometimes very useful indeed. The multitude of fancy hostas is right up there with daylilies, rather overwhelming.

Now, I like the fancy hostas in the right place; where they can be very elegant, as below.

030 (768x1024)

But, with so much attention on the leaves, the flowers get overlooked. In fact, in situations where the effect of the foliage is the important point, they can be a distraction.  In most cases, aside from the giant whites, the flowers of the variegated hostas are little disappointing: their tendency is toward pale lavender, small flowers.

Sometimes, it is worthwhile to look back at the original plant that started it all. In this case the straight H. lancifolia.

004 (1024x768)

006 (1024x768)

A plain green leaf, granted. But one with a nice shape, well defined ribbing, and a nice growth habit. The flowers are a steel blue to deep, genuine lavender and generous in their size and flowering. The bees and hummingbirds like it as well. It does reseed and spread, but in a modest fashion.* There is something to be said for all that.

*the deer probably help keep it down, it is very tasty!