The flagpole, which was put up in 1999, has gone through a variety of forms, the first was the top of a Norway spruce, this one is basically a box. We can pivot it down to untangle the lines or do repairs. Originally, the drive had a turn around below the flagpole. That is long gone, but the area is the only well-draining, truly full-sun, garden. Well, mostly sun, with the trees and house to the east, it is in the shade until mid-morning. It is currently an arc of white Shasta daisies, earlier it was red Oriental Poppies with blue and gold iris; in the fall it will be mostly dusky pink and blue from NY/New England asters and Joe-Pye weed, with a touch of goldenrod.
The bench gives you a bit of scale. The large tree looming there is a bit of the big Cucumber Magnolia.