It is glorious weather here, those of us who are gardeners are eying the water level,* on the other hand, a perfect day for a local celebration on a small town green, which I just got back from…always there is a trade-off. Below are two pictures which are good examples of today here. The daffodils are our mystery daffodils. Many years ago they were down by the pond (and there are still thousands down there) but being overcrowded and shaded they didn’t bloom. Well, I should clarify, only a few ‘poeticus’ bloomed, Nothing else. Now I have a fondness for the poeticus type, and so my Mom and I dug a bushel basket or two (including some that were blooming at the time) and she planted them on the bank. What appears the next year? Hundreds of classic yellow trumpets and nary a white poeticus in sight. ?
The tulips are very classic with true black markings inside, but of course I can’t recall their name…
*If gardeners had an icon it would be Goldilocks.