The Barway Friday, Dec 5 2014 


This is an interesting contrast to the picture of the old stump of a few days ago. Only about fifty yards from the stump, this area has been heavily thinned in a way that the other hasn’t (I am waiting, patiently for decades if need be, for several massive giants to come down in that other area. Until they do, finished thinning is sort of useless, since young sugar maples can essentially sit in stasis while in a heavy closed canopy, and when those big ones do come down….things will be different.

I have to admit the other picture has a more dramatic feel to it.

Woodland Monday, Dec 1 2014 

It has mostly melted now, but I rather liked this image of one of the old sugar maples in the Spring Lot, now a snag.


Winter Wednesday, Nov 26 2014 


The last gold Monday, Nov 17 2014 

Before the snow and the cold rain! Now it finally looks like November here, the dark trees and the grey fog that steals through the woods. This was October, though barely a week ago.


New England Swamp Tuesday, Oct 21 2014 

Down in the Maple Hollow in the morning


Almost garish Thursday, Oct 16 2014 



A pleasant valley Wednesday, Oct 8 2014 



Fall in southern New England, and for once no trout fishermen in view! No complaint on the trout fishermen, but they often aren’t photogenic. This location is one of the better pools on the river.  And a nice bridge, not one of our modern decaying concrete box beams.

Dam! Friday, Sep 5 2014 

Went for a drive yesterday looking for this and that in northwest Ct. Happened to stop by this location, have a dam or two actually, and a tree.  Lots of trees. I always laugh when people argue that you couldn’t possibly get lost in the woods around here. It is true that you couldn’t get lost in thousands of square miles of trackless wilderness. And as long as you have two good feet and keep walking without going in a circle, you will hit a road within a few hours.  But, nonetheless, you could do a pretty decent job of getting mislaid, especially in an area where the topography is so solidly confused.


Colebrook River Dam and in the distance the Hogback Dam*. The area is open to various types of recreation, though with multiple overlapping agencies and owners, it pays to check the current regulations carefully.

*It has some other official name, but is known as Hogback.


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