I periodically contemplate our stated number of volumes in this place: 14,000 give or take; and decide it must, must be an overstatement.  I mean really? That is absurd.  I periodically work at a house museum where everyone (visitors included) routinely agrees that 4,000 is a lot.

And then I clean a minor bookshelf, in a minor room (as far as books go seeing as it only has two bookcases) and realize that it has about 150 books on it.  And then I refill a file cabinet in which the top drawer is devoted to pamphlet manuscripts, and then I look at the top of my desk (19 books) and next to my desk (41) neither are areas which Should have books…and figure that the number probably isn’t that Off.  Considering the library, the other twenty plus rooms with books, the two cottages, the barn, under my bed….