White and Gold Saturday, Oct 15 2016 


Edge Road Thursday, Oct 13 2016 


Gladiolus Tuesday, Aug 30 2016 

Unnamed varieties that I had growing this year out at the top of the winter squash bed. I really ought to give them a better space and more water (everything could use those two things!). They are quite the cut flower, impressive, clean, and easy to manage.

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Storm Clouds Thursday, Jul 14 2016 

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Flying time Thursday, Jul 7 2016 

I was wandering through the pictures in this blog….I didn’t realize that the daylily border is now four years old, no wonder it needed weeding this spring!

Here it is the first year:


And last year:

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This year promises to be similar, although not quite as tall. The early drought stunted their growth some. This photograph from the second year shows them to their full effect:


Shropshire Lad Wednesday, Jul 6 2016 

Prior to this heatwave, it had bloomed very nicely.  I hope it manages a re-bloom in the fall, it may. I deadheaded it to encourage that, even though it tends towards big, red hips. Nicely fragrant as well. Whether it behaves as a true climber or not remains to be seen, but it is certainly a nice addition to the pergola.  Now if I could only figure out why one of the clematis (the biggest, most vigorous one) suddenly went belly up….

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Walls Thursday, Jun 30 2016 

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Repost Sunday, Jun 12 2016 

Since I really haven’t managed a better picture of the old roses in the four! years since I posted this one….better quality perhaps, but not the feeling of the rose, if that makes sense. They are doing pretty well this year, though all flopped over since I never staked them and the rain of course has pulled them over.  Very like peonies that way. They never grow sturdy stems and with so many flowers they really can’t stand up, especially when wet. Not at all like our modern roses that way, which have been bred for the cut flower/exhibition trade.  But they have a lovely light floral scent, they are not bothered by disease, and the color ranges from deep pink to white, often with multiple shades on the same bush.  What’s not to like?


Wind Shadows Friday, Jun 10 2016 

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Spiral to the sky Wednesday, Jun 1 2016 

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Looking up is always a good idea!

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