I was sitting peacefully in a canoe the other day, in a quiet backwater cove of a small lake.  Not really thinking about much of anything at all.

Then for some reason a song came into my head, which I’ve often listened to and thought some about, but I’m not sure I ever really made sense of it for myself: Lennon-McCartney’s “Let it Be”, but not their version; the one Joan Baez did.  And I realized that it did make sense, finally – some 44 years after I first heard it (I’m a little slow at times).

It is so important to be where you are, who you are, when you are there.  A thought which has been expressed often enough – it’s hardly original with me (there are innumerable songs along those lines – some better, some much worse, including one of mine!).  But now is where you are.  What has been, has been; it has informed who you are and how you got to now, but it is only something to be remembered.  Fondly, one hopes, but only remembered.  Tomorrow is yet to come, and will be when it does, but…

Let it Be.  Take today, and be alive in it, for it is the only reality we have.