Been awhile since I posted one of these! Daffodils of course, by the hundreds. I moved a few around yesterday in the rain. There are some late, pale yellow, very delicate small cupped ones I would like to get spread about more, an old variety.
My mom’s Home Depot Cherry Tree. Which against all odds when I planted it (no root ball) has flourished. This year it was a lovely lace of white reaching high up against the evergreens.
The shadblows are just starting up. The blue scilla is carpeting bits of lawn here and there, where it likes it, thank you very much. With the sun today, the little native trout lilies (bells of yellow) will be out.
The two peach trees are just loaded with blossoms this year, those will be clouds light pink by tomorrow. Meanwhile the redbuds (especially the big one, which now has multiple posts to support it) will be bright pink.
And the grass is absolutely emerald green.
April is always nice. But so fleeting are some of those, one is loath to lose even a day or two away.