Ignoring the still melting snow, we took two of the tractors (the ‘new’ one and the red dragon) down to the lower field.* The dragon, with its handy front end loader was used to push fallen (or falling) trees out of the way. The ‘new’ Ferguson, it dates from the 60’s, trundled about in circles scaring the bittersweet. The ‘new’ brush hog, all of thirty five years young, got its first baptism of rocks. Oops. I’m thinking the other brush hog just might get armored and used for that purpose on re-clearing the fields with the rocks hidden like demonic Easter eggs in barberry bushes.

Continued progress! The invasives on this place will get conquered yet!

And done before the critical nesting time period for the turkeys and other ground nesters.

*The third, with the sprayer (not yet acquired) hooked to it is going to be the woods tractor, the oldest of the Masseys, fondly referred to as Fergie, it is excellent for rough, rocky ground with poor clearances. It will probably get the old brush hog attached to it.