One hemlock: gone. One black cherry: gone. Three ashes: gone.  All little guys, no more than a generous eight to ten inches in diameter (the cherry was four). The hemlock was interfering with the power line rather badly, the ashes (and the cherry which had to go to get the ashes) were just simply in the wrong spot. And also either close to power lines or close to trees we didn’t want to squish. Which was why I hired the job out to a guy with a bucket truck.

Now to reassess the areas and figure out what is really best suited to be there. I should probably rebuild that fence again, which runs through one of the areas in question. It was a nice fake zig zag, but it was made with sugar maple poles some years ago, and has rather fallen apart. Sugar maple rots remarkably quickly, even in a fence where it isn’t touching the ground.

Something to contemplate while waiting for this snow to melt.