It is cold out there! Spent the better bit of yesterday and today helping to move some older, very useful, but very recalcitrant farm machinery. It was fun though. Learning a bit more about tying down loads and moving things. And how not to move them.

At the end of the day, an essentially brand new, solid, much bigger Brush Hog (which has a date with the lower fields as soon as this snowstorm goes away). Another, heavier tractor in essentially perfect condition; it is probably destined for a forestry operation in the next few years. An arch (think a crane that can attach to any 3 point tractor hydraulic system), a disc harrow, a rake harrow, a lawn ornament plow (it was thrown in to the deal), assorted metal T-posts, and some hand tools.

We did turn down the beat up disc harrow, the old no-climb fencing, the old tomato cages, and God knows what all else hiding in the barn!