lots of big dream projects out there….

I have the time now or will in about a month (not really what I wanted), so no excuses this year. Paintbrushes, trees, and gardens. Inertia is a major uphill battle, with a long way between the vision and the actual thing accomplished. And good intentions aren’t worth very much.

But there is a field of bittersweet and a hedgerow of dying ash that could be hickory.  If I do something about it. First stop: more Tecnu for the sea of poison ivy and some more tick proof clothing. Second stop: a working bush hog. Third stop: Garlon and Glysophate.* Fourth step: convince my boyfriend that he really does want to cut more trees down and get his friends to remove them** Fifth step: start it all over.

*That is the approved ‘nuclear’ option… but at this point, aside from a few young hickories, there is nothing left down there that isn’t Oriental bittersweet, creeping briar, poison ivy, and goldenrod.

**That isn’t being a wimpy female, I know my limits with a chainsaw.