An absolutely lovely February morning today. No wind, mild in the twenties, with breaking clouds. The classic violet, to pink, to gold, and then to white against the clear blue day.  The trees were all perfectly outlined in snow. Not the heavy sort of snow that weighs things down, nor last week’s cold cement like layer. This was the fluffy, slightly sticky powder that picks out every single branch in detail. Very pastoral. The eight deer gamboling (yes really) in the meadow certainly added to the scene.

The wildlife in general seemed to like the weather. Our office raven was quite proud today. He (or she? How does one tell?) often entertains himself on the various vehicles. He has a fondness for the mirrors of course, but particularly for sitting on the toolboxes in the pickups. Not sure why. I am not quite sure what would happen if one left a window or a door open at this point….He seems to understand the difference between windows, mirrors, and doors…In any event, he has now taken to sitting on vehicles even when they are idling next to the building*, it does let one get a good look at him though!

*Only when the mood strikes though, one can go days only hearing him and not seeing him.