It is interesting to note that a house of similar vintage, but half the size, with the temperature set down to winter maintenance of 55,  and the water heaters off, in a more protected location on the hill, and no direct attic access… burning the same amount or more oil as this place does.

Steady work on drafts, windows, and quality building does matter. It is a big, rambling, drafty ark…except it is in much better shape than most out there!

In other news, I do like the current taste in Christmas lights around here: relatively low key with just enough color and whimsy to be interesting. Our little tree in the woods is a nice touch but so is a neighbor’s shepherd, lamb, and star out in the middle (really out in the middle) of a hayfield. And the classic colored lights are always fun. Pity we can’t put a light on the big Norway Spruce, but it is probably tall enough (at just over 100 feet) and close enough to a the second leg of the airport’s pattern that someone would be wobbly!