People tend to equate fall color with the maples, birches, and ashes: that early flush of bright reds, golds, purples, and oranges.  The colors of fire and like fire, fast moving.

But this year, I have been noticing the oaks. Probably because my workday drive takes me past several hills, ranges really, that have been managed for oak for generations.  They are dominated by oak with the occasional swathe of pine.  Oak, for lack of a better description, turns all the colors of amber: from gold, to the shining browns, to the reds, to a brown purple/red, and sometimes there are hints of that green which one can also find in amber.  And it lasts for quite some time as fall color goes. Like maples, every single oak has a slightly different shade of color.  When the oaks are in contrast with the deep, clean green of the pines and the light is glowing in the forest, one would be hard pressed to find something more elegant.

Amber and Oak, it seems strangely appropriate somehow.