of what’s been going on:

all lawn furniture stored for the winter: I can’t claim any credit for this one….of course, I also can say I never sat down but once in any piece of it this year….agh!

several quarts of parsley picked and frozen, and more to come.  Which is wonderful.  If you freeze parsley immediately on picking, you can use it like fresh parsley in any dish that you cook. (it won’t work as a garnish or raw though)

the chard and the beets have survived the frost and snow so far.  I still need to deal with the carrots, but like the parsley they aren’t bothered by the cold.  I really need to clean up the squash and tomatoes though, maybe next weekend.

It doesn’t seem like it is quite time to chop down the hostas or lilies yet, again I think by next weekend they will have truly died off. I like to let them get as much nutrients back into the root system as possible.

The ‘Christmas’ cactus refuse to bloom correctly. I think they are going to beat Thanksgiving this year.  Meanwhile the amaryllis will no doubt not bloom till May….faux silk flowers anyone?