I spent an entertaining hour this morning contemplating the economics of growing Shiitake mushrooms. (the tennis court would be Ideal)  A friend of a friend thinks we ought to plant Paw Paw trees.* A very good friend wants to transplant some of the struggling Ostrich Ferns (the area next to the drive is simply too dry on average these years) down by the pond.  They make the best fiddleheads it would seem. Though, then I might not get that trip to the deepest backwoods of Maine in the spring…not that we ever have time.

I wonder if Goldenseal or American Ginseng could grow here?

Is there perhaps a new direction somewhere in all these ideas? A century ago it was dairy cows, today New England farming relies on the local, the slightly odd, the high value as a supplement to other income streams.  It is an interesting avenue to contemplate. And one h–l of a cliff.  But then, there is a winery next door and a flower farm across the street….

*I remain unconvinced about a fruit that possums love and that tastes like banana custard….