isn’t looking too healthy these days.  Finally got the southern boundary reflagged. It had been awhile. It is frightening to see how fast the ash and hemlock have declined. And how quickly the barberry, burning bush, and bittersweet have moved in. And that barberry? Nothing else grows there: not ferns, not mushrooms, not trees.  I know what I want the land to look like. How to get there? Well, I know the what, but the how?

It is a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of money (and A Lot of Garlon and Glysophate). For the land’s sake, I’d say it is worth it. For my sake, I’d say it is worth it….I just wonder, is there any one out there in the next generation that will care? Will they even miss it? Or will the degraded jungle be the new normal? It has its own beauty, of course it does. But it is a pale reflection of what can be there. And that, of course, is itself a pale reflection of what once was.

Yggdrasil will always be with us, and will always be beautiful. But should we accept the diminished and contorted (after all, that money and that time….) or should we fight and go down in defeat remembering the soaring cathedral of the trees?

Of course….Yggdrasil is best translated as ‘The Gallows Tree’ Which is an Interesting name for the tree associated with both the creation of man and the doomsday.

Random thoughts….