September go anyway? I know where it went, a series of weeks that lurched from one thing to the next.

The first day of October is appropriately fall like: damp, not quite chilly, early leaves falling and the asters blooming. Very pleasant if you ask me. The vegetable garden is almost done for the year, though I have the most impressive chard, beets, parsley, and some kale.  And some experimental winter squash….we shall see on that.

A few of the hardier house plants are still outside: the scented geraniums, the passion flowers, and the fuchsia. I have no idea what to do with one of the passion flowers.  Its interpretation of eight feet and my interpretation of eight feet….Differ.  I don’t really want to cut the vine off, since it is still blooming away….up there on the second story.  Nice red flowers, very pretty!

Otherwise there are plenty of things to be done, as always!