There are always those first fall days, when the low storm clouds are chasing across the sky, the earliest trees are turning, and the air has changed. A time for going.

One of the oddest animals around these days are the geese that do not go.  There are many migratory flocks of Canada geese of course.  But there are also the non-migratory.  They cluster, an ingathering of scattered pairs.  But, they do not seem to leave. Or they leave very leisurely. I suppose they eventually get down to the shore along about November. But currently, they occupy any large grassy areas near large bodies of water.  In between the turkeys.  Actually, the turkeys are very svelte compared the geese: lean, woodland creatures that cross the paths of the geese only on the way to the water’s edge to take advantage of any exposed bugs.  The geese simply graze and their behaviour makes a great deal of sense.  A short day’s flight will take them down to the shore when they must leave, but for the moment, why go?  Still, on a cloudy, wind whipped day, it is peculiar to note a large flock happily bedded down with no intention of getting up.