I know my western readers will promptly pipe up with an objection….but here is the thing, when it is so dry that the three foot tall ostrich ferns have turned to crunchy candlesticks….it is dry. In fact, we are in the same weather pattern as the west, it is just a little less obvious, there being less commercial agriculture here, but for the last three years the better part of each year has been dry. It is also less extreme in strict terms (measurement of soil moisture), but since drought is not a normal part of the New England climate, even a mild drought causes serious issues for plants. We can’t grow true succulents here normally, but we do grow temperate rain-forest plants.

There have been worse and there will be worse. But I’m not going to tempt the gods of the well to water that much though.  Something about getting the data results from a large set of shallow wells (9-25 feet) that show: dry, dry, dropping, dry, dropping, dry! I can’t imagine how the people who used to use those wells managed a year like this….how much we take for granted every time we turn that tap!