Odd how that works. Actually a little better today, but not enough moisture to even begin to perk anything up. At least the grass doesn’t need mowing! And if it continues, I’m likely to be able to work on another section of my project this fall….the Colebrook River Lake is probably not going to be much of a lake!

But, it does make one less than inspired to do anything at all outside. Let alone write about it.

However, I probably ought to take some before pictures….the elderly Massey Ferguson is about to get itself largely rebuilt. The parts are coming from hither and yon, the toolbox is waiting, and the person who will be doing most of the work can’t wait to start.  (though when we will find the time….)  Get that done and the Bush Hog fixed and perhaps we can start to get some areas back under control. The Oriental Bittersweet is rapidly becoming the Kudzu of the north around here.