It is really an overnight transition.  It is most evident in the tree leaves.  The hills lose that light, soft green with its yellow, silver, and pink tones.  All of a sudden they are the green, with blue shades, that characterize the June landscape: clean green, blue skies, white puffy clouds.  Later in the summer they will start to pick up olive and brown tones as the leaves harden and absorb the damage of wind and weather.  But right, now for a few days or weeks, they are at their fullest extent, their greatest promise, undamaged.  A few are still expanding, but most trees have finished this year’s growth.  Now the work of the summer follows.  Young branches will stiff and harden, leaves will absorb the hours of sun and endure the rain or wind, buds will start to form at the level of the cells.

Summer is here.