Well, I think the daffodil bank is unlikely to recover its full glory. It was just starting into bloom when the cold and snow came. Because those daffodils (genuine King Alfreds) are long stemmed, many of them got broken by the weight of the snow.  But we will see, I’ll collect the broken ones this evening once I know for sure.

On the other hand, we will likely have the only Star Magnolia to bloom this year. Ours is always two weeks behind, even our neighbors, and had not yet even thought about budding out. Unlike everyone else’s.

Hard to say on the peaches and the apples, they hadn’t begun to bud out though, so maybe.  Not that I need more apples, still plenty in the freezer!

The snow was a good thing though, as long as it didn’t break things, it protected them.

Now what is forecast for tomorrow….