feels like spring out there, but with this winter…who knows.  The horse is starting to shed though,the birds are in full voice, and a few early crocus are sitting in wait with just the tips showing.  Time lapse on a crocus would be interesting.  So the seasons are changing.

Sometimes, though, less change is, if not better, pleasant indeed. Had a lovely dinner last night in what has to be one of the more nicely kept examples of Queen Anne architecture in this town.  (Sibyl and Lee, thank you, and my deepest apologies for the rudeness of nearly falling asleep, it wasn’t due to the company!)  Nearly unmodified in any substantive ways since its construction in the late 1800’s, when it was built for a foreman in one of the town’s major industries, the house nicely shows one of the characteristics of the Queen Anne style: ‘look what we can do with wood’  Not in the over the top fashion of the true Victorian with an abundance of curlicues, but in the neatly turned and sawn trim and moldings.

Stone*, glass, wood, and iron.  With those four, the 20th century was built. With those four* every century of mankind built, till now. The 21st century is built of carbon, polymers, and things undreamed of in nature….do we really appreciate just how major the change is?

*that includes plaster, which is mostly stone.

*I know, copper, lead, tin, etc as well.  But four sounds better.