a sign of a blogger who is too busy to blog…. they start writing about music they like.

Anyway, while I’d never share it with them, the Lord knows they wouldn’t appreciate it*: this is for some old-style union** guys I know.  Ralph, Frankie, Jimmie, Gus, and everyone else, may you find some diamonds.***


*both coming from someone in my position and ‘weak and defenseless’ they most assuredly are Not

** old-style union, we aren’t talking government union here; though possibly teamster. Slightly crazy, not going to work if you can’t give them a good reason why.  And the why better both be the actual reason and a suggested ability to, how shall we say, impel the action physically….  Though that being said, the first reason alone will work if your track record is good, the second alone won’t work; they aren’t stupid. They’re probably smarter than the management.


My diamonds today: the ice was a low, continuous snarl against an otherwise silent shore.

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