out there in woods…the chickadee flitting about above the rhododendrons just after dawn: upside down and right side up all through the trees. The juncos exploding out of the tall grass, tiny flying flecks of slate and bright, bright ivory tail flashes. The squirrels all lined up on the lawn. The evidence of the squirrels in the piles of half eaten acorns here and there.  So many acorns apparently that one can just choose the choicest bit and leave the rest. Even the evidence of man: the nearly complete removal, in a day, of a massive dead oak tree that came down on the road. Somebody got some prime firewood, it had been standing dead for about two or three years and finally tipped over. The only thing left was the butt end and one branch that went a bit too far down the slope, a bit farther than is kosher to go in the ‘if it is wood by the road side it is fair game’ firewood collection strategy.

So much to look at it in a simple walk.