The pin is that way over there, in those trees, we hope….

It looks dry (except that is all cat tail and sedge, which is ample warning)

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Well maybe it is in the next set of trees? We’ll be taking the long way for this one!

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It certainly is pretty! One would never guess that these were taken in a fairly densely settled town. While a largely natural, beaver built marsh; the deep ponds of water between fingers of land at the upper (supposedly narrow, stream channel end) came as a surprise. (The official wetland map is all wet); I think they were created by quarrying for clay by some industrious person. If we can keep the Phragmite Reeds* at bay, this property will stay this way, which is nice. And due, entirely, to the generous decision of one man and a local land trust.

*Those would be those marsh reeds you see Everywhere. They aren’t native. They are at the downstream end of this property unfortunately, which means they will be a problem for the land trust. You can see them on the right of the photograph here.  (we gave up on this line)

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