rain….that would be nice. What would be nice is if it started off gently and watered in the plants that I put in the ground yesterday.  I can’t claim prescience, I didn’t know it was going to rain, I just knew I needed to get them in the ground before the growing season stops.

Otherwise, it smells rather like a cider mill here. A good cider mill at the moment, but if I don’t get in gear….it won’t be so pleasant.  Anybody want some apples? I can’t give them away this year, I tried. Everybody has apples.  I ended up swapping apples with a guy at work. He brought apples to give to me and I brought apples to give to him. Rather defeated the exercise.  At least they were different varieties.  I tried giving them away at church coffee hour, and at vestry, and at choir…..apparently, apples aren’t popular, even really good old style MacIntoshes.  (And I forbore from making jokes about serpents even!)

What I need to do is to freeze some more, but that whole peeling apples thing is a bore when the gratification (the pie) is relatively immediate, when it is a distant idea, even worse.

Maybe I should take the rotten ones to a certain bit of politics I ought to attend as a symbolic statement….

Bad idea that!