Drive a stick!

I learned on one, of course, but with several years of no driving and then coming back and driving automatics for the most part for the last five years….

Summer went some where, but I finally knocked the psychological rust off by driving the Green Truck downtown today to drop some things off. It is older than I am by a fair bit. It runs well. It’s loud, it lacks all safety features, it eats gas….you can keep it running with nothing but an odd whack on the carburetor. We might take it to the local car show again next week, people seem to enjoy unmodified, working vehicles. The only thing that doesn’t work is the horn and the gas gauge.

I then spent some five minutes wrestling with the gas cap on a trimmer….unlike the Green Truck (1970 Chevrolet) this bit of equipment is a modern, leak proof creature (Stihl 2012).  I agree that a leak proof cap is Wonderful. But it does nothing good for one’s blood pressure when the —- won’t lock down!

However, the trimmer is absolutely critical to maintenance here: that balance of trees and undergrowth would not happen otherwise. Once a year, the entire lot must get trimmed, some sections more often than that.  Perhaps a little early this year, but not really since it is dry: the ferns are dying back and while the wood aster is lovely, cutting it as the flowers start to go past reduces the seed count. I don’t want all of the area to be wood aster, after all. The trick is to not cut what one wants to leave, since the blade will happily go halfway through a fiberglass, half inch fence post on the first swing (if you hit it right/wrong) not cutting things can be a little tricky. I do pretty well.  If I don’t recognize it, I try not to cut it!