to update my tree list at some point….

Despite the rather absurd weather swings, we have several new plants this year: a false hydrangea vine (still in its pot, I know) and a weeping Serbian Spruce are the only two brand new species. But there are several new cultivars of roses, hydrangeas, magnolias, apples, azaleas, and junipers. The last is a replacement for the big Pfitzer Juniper that blocked the view on the west lawn; hopefully this compact form really will be compact.  If it isn’t, however, it is not placed so that it will block the view.

I suppose that is more than several? Now can I remember all the names correctly? Probably not!

I am not counting those in pots, in particular the fig. Though, I may gamble with the fig and plant it against the south basement porch. The gamble is that a) it will overwinter there and b) that the roots won’t invade.  There is no foundation on that end (just piers and sills) but still, I hope I won’t regret this.