A current project of mine, really too good to be true, got me out in the woods yesterday for a bit*, which is always enjoyable. Aside from an interesting and educational foray into timber management, I saw one black bear and several brook trout. I didn’t see the bull moose that was in the area though, pity. For a densely populated, suburban state there is a remarkable amount of wildlife out there.

I wasn’t even counting the turkeys, come to think of it. We get so focused on the problems and ‘learning from our mistakes’ I sometimes think we forget to pay attention to the things that have gone right and why they have gone right.  Bear, moose, turkeys, brook trout were either extinct in the state or nearly extinct in the state a generation ago. Now the moose is unlikely to ever establish a breeding population of any significance, but still.

What worked is as important as what didn’t work, and very important for moral.

Enough with the sermonizing!

*It also had me descending nearly seventy feet into darkness and then climbing back up when we couldn’t find the lights for the rest of the way down.