For supper: Ham, green beans (pole beans mind you!), tomatoes, creamed corn (which is simply corn cut off the cob with butter), parsley for ‘garnish’, and peach pie.

The beans, tomatoes, parsley, and peaches from right here of course; the corn from down the road.

There is a reason to heed at a deep, instinctual level the calendar and the turning seasons; a connection that is re-acknowledged between life in the now and time’s inevitable passage. Food tends to do it remarkably well. Indeed, it would seem almost sacrilegious to have the same menu in April as tonight. Obviously, we bend the rules quite a bit: I have no intention of eating cabbage for five months nor of being so desperate that I will figure out how to cook milkweed in April. But there are certain things that just would not be right, no matter how we might want them, at certain times of the year. Probably these are different things and different times for each person; but breaking the ‘rule’ would cheapen them, permanently.

There is something fundamental to humanity about being able to accept and celebrate the passage of time; I am not sure what exactly, but it seems that it is there. Food apparently is a symbol of it. Odd thoughts!