In light of last week’s valiant attempt by a truck to back down the drive and the long string of people who firmly believe that they can to turn around on the lawn,* I am considering appropriate driveway signage. The problem is that this is the day of the GPS and the twilight of navigational common sense…

The driveway enters off the main road (the house/GPS entrance) and exits on the side road. It is a corner lot, and the drive curves through it. The ‘front’ entrance is narrow, tight for trucks, and backing down it is a recipe for expensive disasters. However, from the front entrance there is no way to tell that it goes through and doesn’t end like most modern drives in a midget garage entrance. Hence the tendency for trucks to try backing down it. What it actually does is swing down to the barnyard, which accesses the side road, and is large enough for an oil truck to turn around in.

Given that, would this make sense if posted at the front entrance or would it have delivery people claiming foul? The last line is an attempt to make the people in cars lay off on the lawn donuts.

‘No Trucks

Deliveries at Green Barn

First right on X lane

One way traffic’

Or should it be:

‘No Backing

No Turning

Exit at Green Barn on X lane’

The second might be better? The trucks will still beat up their paint job, and I’ll need to consider fixing that.

*Thou Shalt Not drive on my lawn, one of my hang-ups!