It is amazing how fast things happen….in far, far less time than it takes to write this I succeeded in putting an impressive dent in Big Red, my father’s pride and joy, a 1994 Chevrolet 2500 pick-up.  It had no dents previously.  That makes both dents in both trucks my doing.

On the other hand, when a pissed off horse, a pick-up truck full of hay, and a wooden fence post attempt to occupy the same space…  I hadn’t wanted to put the horse in his stall while I brought the hay in because he hates any sort of confinement, and I really did think I could get away with multiple trips through his gate. I was shifting the hay from the wagon to the shed by means of the truck, because the wagon isn’t ours, and I didn’t want to ding it or the fence in the tight space of the gates and paddock fence, besides I was worried about towing it and dinging Big Red while doing so…ironic that.

The horse ended up in his stall anyway, thundering in circles while I fixed the fence, finished bringing the hay up, and set the gates up correctly. I let him back out while I stacked the hay, he was by that point dripping with sweat and even less amused with me.  He is now quite happily grazing in his field, the hay is neatly stacked, the fence has a nice new post, the wagon is fine, but as for the truck.  Well, at least it wasn’t the side with the gas tank!

One always knows exactly what the wrong move was. Pity it is always obvious afterwards.