and snow…

But I was also thinking the other day about music in this house. There is a remarkable variety: from shape-note hymnals, to Congregational, to Lutheran, to Anglican. Then there is the classical piano pieces appropriate for a young lady in the late 1800’s: a heavy emphasis on Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schumann. Then there is a whole Raft of other classical pieces from Chopin to Sibelieus, Rachmaninoff to Shostakovitch. Then the organ music, and the clarinet, and… Then the folk music: from the New England folk music revival of the 1960’s to the early Fireside Book of Songs which first really re-popularized so many pieces, then there is an odd collection of pop music from the first pop era….then there is….

And that, I should hasten to add is the Just the Sheet music!

I will learn to play the piano 🙂