Some days one gets bogged down by the size of this place, the eternal questions of ‘how to pay’ and ‘who will care for it next’? No good answers there.

But then there are days like today. When the sun is shifting north in the bright, blue winter sky: cold and clear. But the light is alive. When the hemlocks, pines, and spruces are shining evergreen. When countless shrubs have turned to color: red and gold glints in and amongst the gray, green, brown bark. The rugosa roses are a deep ruby color. I was looking particularly closely at them since I was thinning the section along the gravel path. It is so much easier in the winter when one can see the structure and walk where one needs to walk.

Winter is long and dark. This is true. But every day, even in the cold, is lovely and full of life. We overlook it so often and then a moment will reach out and we will be alive.